Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck

I literally just lost my job an hour ago.

I’m starting to apply at places right now, but in the meantime, I’m going to be opening up emergency commissions.


There will be five slots open at a time for drawn commissions.

Singing commissions are $10 ($15 if I don’t know the song). Those only have one slot open at a time More information on those can be found here.

Or if you want a line or two of me speaking, either my normal voice or a character voice, I’ll do that for $5.

Any and all donations you can make to my Paypal would be immensely appreciated. The email for it is

Or you can go to the Miss Twilight Sparkle page and click the donate button on the right.


Since I apparently have more free time now, I might host another donation gaming stream. And I was already planning on another spicy donation stream. Yotsu got some hot sauce that’s over 1 million Scoville units.

Any help or commissions would be immensely appreciated. Thank you all ahead of time.

((Please commission or donate if you can. Thank you))


S’gonna be a good time, so hop on in!


$5 per sketch!

Payments are all done through Paypal. My Paypal is

((Would I be able to bother my sweet, wonderful, incredibly patient followers for some asks? Preferably not Anon, but if you must, it’s okay. 

Just some asks pertaining to the banging on the door in my last update.

Pretty please and thank you, I love all of you with all of my heart and all of my soul and about a third of my left kidney.))

Wh-what is THAT?

Dear Tumblr


There is a wonderful girl I met named Maia.

Maia is 23 years old and she has a good talent for art. She is a bit naïve, but kind hearted and an overall sweet person.

Maia is being abused.

Her mother has been belittling her, making her feel hopeless, afraid, useless, even suicidal at times. And worse still, she is trying to keep Maia from leaving while using emotional blackmail against her to frighten her in to staying and doing everything she is told.

Nearly every single day she is constantly hounded, insulted, lied to, and manipulated. I and many other people have heard this live, as Maia has been secretly recording the things her mother has been saying to her and some of us have the misfortune of hearing more of this abuse on sykpe audio or livestreams.

Recently, many kind people have donated to help Maia get out of her situation, and she finally has enough to make the first step.

But as abuse goes, her mother, despite constantly telling her she’s useless and doesn’t “deserve” to live in that household, is trying to keep her hostage in her own home. What’s worse is, the original plan that she had looks like it might not be as stable as we hoped.

So I am asking now that people PLEASE spread this out, and if anyone in Texas (More specifically the Dallas area) would be willing to give Maia a safe place to stay until she can manage a more stable plan, it would be forever appreciated. She needs a place to go by mid-December and she only needs to stay perhaps 3 months at most until things can be settled properly. It likely wont be that long though, but this is just until she can find a better location.

What can be offered in return would be up to 200-300$ per month that she can lend for rent, and she can also offer her artwork as payment if necessary. (I am currently setting up to move myself, but once I have moved I will be willing to provide a bit of extra money for her each month if she needs it)

If you can help Maia in any way, please contact

I know this is a big deal, and I know it’s sudden. But I also know that in this fandom, I have seen a lot of miracles happen and I want more than anything to see this one happen.

Hell, maybe I’ll even find a reason to like Christmas this year.

(Maia is a beautiful, talented, kind girl, and the things she’s experienced makes my heart reach out for her. If any of my followers can help her in any way, please do.)


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