I’ll peek through the window to see who’s at the door… I hope it’s no one dangerous…

And because of these events as well as, Dash being dead. There is no connection to story of Rainbow Factory here, is there?

((There is not. What happened to Rainbow Dash is very similar -not identical, but similar- to what happened to her in Cupcakes.))

Hey! i am totally okay with discord Whooves, i honestly love him! but why isn't he back to normal because.... Discord is kinda reformed! i mean... i love the idea of him, i am obsessed with the story. (great job by the way). i just don't.... whatever i don't know what i'm talking about because i'm doing Discorded Derpy, i have no idea where i was going with this. well, keep doing what your doing because your awesome, bro!


I’m gonna be posting this a lot apparently.

((Discord never fully reformed in the Miss Twilight Sparkle timeline/universe. The events leading up to the first post on this blog begin after the events of the Equestria Girls movie. Think of it as an alternate Season 4, featuring the fall of Ponyville and the Slaughtercube Corner murders instead of the discovery of the opening of the chest from the Tree of Harmony. The events with Tirek did not happen.))

Fluttershy couldn’t handle what was becoming of Ponyville. As a result, she wasn’t there to be a stability to keep Discord in check.))

Wh-what is THAT?


(This is canon to Discord Whooves, however it won’t be reblogged there until later. Wibbly Wobbly Timey Whimey.)

((I just realized I never reblogged this story arch. I’m doing it now since I’m going to be changing Twilight’s hair to a ponytail, which will be easier to draw))